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Piper's Passport

My Story - Eleanor McKone - Author

My passion for writing children's books developed whilst undertaking my degree in Children, Young People and Families. Whilst conducting my 3rd year research study, I discovered in greater depth the importance of reading from a young age. Reading not only improves word recognition, it also enhances a child's all-round academic development. From this, I began to write my own series of books for children,'Piper's Passport'. 

Before I began University, I travelled and worked internationally and established a passion for different cultures and societies. Travelling has become a big part of my life and I will always continue to explore new places. From reading my stories, I would love children to develop an understanding of different countries and cultures, as I am aware that many children will not have the opportunity to experience them for themselves. I hope that my stories also encourage children to aspire to travel and explore the beautiful world that we live in. 

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Join Piper and her family on their hunt for bears in the Canadian winter wonderland

'Piper's Passport - Second Stop Canada' is the second book of the 'Piper's Passport' Series. It follows a similar theme to 'First Stop Australia' and takes the reader on a rhyming, educational adventure across Canada.



'Piper's Passport - First Stop Australia'

 Follow Piper and her family on their journey across Australia . 

The book includes:


  • Bright, colourful and modern illustrations

  • An adventure story with an important hidden message

  • Rhymes

  • The main attractions of Australia

  • Aboriginal culture

  • Australian animals

  • Animal sounds

  • A glossary of Australian animals to discuss in more depth the animals that feature in the book 

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