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Piper's Passport - Second Stop Canada


I have heard our world is a beautiful place, with many different cultures to find and embrace.

I want to travel and visit it all, and discover new places, big and small....

Join me (Piper) and my brother ben, as we explore our planet again and again...

Second Stop Canada, there is lots to find. A piece of our hearts will be left behind. 

'Piper's Passport - Second Stop Canada' is the second book of the 'Piper's Passport' Series. This is an adventure story of a family who travel to Canada for the first time.

The book includes:


  • Bright, colourful and modern illustrations

  • A bear hunt

  • An adventure story with an important hidden message

  • Rhymes

  • The main attractions of Canada

  • Canadian culture

  • Canadian animals

  • Animal sounds

  • A glossary of Canadian animals for a deeper discussion of the animals that feature in the book.